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VirtualBox Import Appliance; VT-x is not available

May 27, 2012

When importing a virtual appliance from a VT-x machine into a non VT-x one, you may end up with this error:

VT-x is not available: verr_vmx_no_vmx

Well the key to fix this is to disable VT-x (i.e. hardware virtualization instructions) but the problem is that the new host machine’s virtualbox settings window is all disabled:

So how can I disable VT-x then? Then solution I found it to open the appliance vbox XML file and manually disable HardwareVirtualEx.

vim ~/VirtualBox\ VMs/windows/windows.vbox

Then search for HardwareVirtEx and set all enabled items to false.

  1. Heitor permalink

    Didn’t work.

  2. Heitor permalink

    It worked for SampleApp_V107 below 3 GB.
    Nice… let’s try the SOAP now…

  3. Heitor permalink

    And it works with the SOAP example also.
    Thank you very much!!

  4. Heitor permalink

    Humm… it gives an error saying that requires x86-64 CPU and it found a i686 CPU.
    It’s a 64-bit, running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, with 16 GB RAM. Any reasons why?

  5. eljitanotraidor permalink

    Heitor you must intall a SO Linux For Intel, not for AMD.

  6. Max permalink

    Thank you, It is correctly

  7. Maxdf permalink


  8. John Doe permalink

    Awesome. You just saved me hours of debugging. Thanks a lot! :)

  9. scsc81 permalink

    Yes, it’s Ok for me.

  10. Worked! Thank you so much. I clicked on a bunch of ads. I hope you are making money from them.

  11. fustin permalink

    Didn’t work.

  12. Leo permalink

    Thank you!

  13. kylo permalink

    It’s worked for me. Thank you!

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