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Why two Monitors is so good for Productivity?

May 4, 2012

Just until recently I believed having multiple desktops could work same as two monitors but I proved myself wrong last week.

For most of us, daily work is a combination of routine stuff (emails, maintenance, phone-calls, meetings) and development. The problem is when this flood of routine tasks take most all of our time and attention.

By having two monitors one can easily partition this two stream and keep and eye on both. Here is how my desk looks like these days.

In one monitor I have my outlook, communicator, GTD and in the second one all dev tools (iTerm, IntelliJ, emacs, sql*plus, etc) in hand.

I also noticed how good x86 is for development rather than SPARC. Having so many cores on one SPARC is great for scalable production deployment but not necessarily suitable enough for development. I decided to run Solaris in my PC and connect monitor/keyboard to this darling little beast; MacBook Air.

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  1. Hi Dear Amin ,
    Hope to see you more successful everyday :)
    With your nice guidance i finished my project with JPA with success in Nowrouz!
    and now I am trying to learn JSF 2.0 And after that Spring :)
    I count on your valuable help.
    By the way, i have started to write away in my blog.
    Best Wishes,

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