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What Makes Solaris Shine

April 20, 2012

Solaris has so many features and the more you use it, the more you find. Before moving to Telstra my (painful) experience with Solaris dated back almost 10 years ago with Solaris 7 and 8. Mostly because at that days it was among the limited options of a reliable platform for running mission critical Oracle RDBMS instances (I guess it is still).

But then starting again with Solaris 10 in Telstra I found the huge progress it had made. I always thank Oracle for saving Solaris and do hope that the continuation the good work although unfortunately we hear news that many brains behind this master-piece have left the Oracle.

IMHO here’s the list some of the most beloved features of Solaris 10. These are also the feature that don’t have a proper equivalent in other competitors.

  • Containers: real virtualization not buzzword
  • ZFS: nothing comes even close to this File system. What on earth they had in mind.
  • DTrace: keep tuning/monitoring live applications without major overhead
  • SMF: far better that init.d especially with contracts

Some may complain the Linux has OpenVZ/LXC or Mac OS X has ZFS and DTrace. but the question remains: are they all production ready? Even if they are, no doubt they got the idea from Solaris and tried to reimplement.

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