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IKM Java (J2SE 5.0) Test Results

May 13, 2011

A few weeks ago I had a Java Programming Test via International Knowledge Measurement (IKM) institute. To be honest tests were tough each with 5 answers out of which up to 3 could be correct. I tried to focus and do my best. Just jumped over GUI programming topics to get some more time for core questions. Code indentation in most of questions was intentionally wrong which made the analysis of code even harder. Here is my result:

It is somehow even better than what I was expecting. It’s interesting that I believe to be very good at threading but I don’t know why result does not reflect this. Anyway, IMHO this is one of the good results one has achieved in IKM J2SE :) Wont believe me unless you take this hard test yourself!

Update 17 July 2011: For those friends whom ask for sample questions, well I don’t have any but bellow documents seem of great help:



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  1. tabrik arz eliram

  2. Ashkan Roshanayi permalink

    I had no doubt dude ;) Congrats.

  3. Amir Hooshangi permalink

    threading marks are wrong i think. you were thread man as i remeber !

  4. kumar permalink

    Congrats mate. Please post the questions you remember in IKM test so that it will be helpful for others.

    • abbaspour permalink

      I don’t think it is permitted to post questions here but I will recommend some useful resources and books here soon.

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