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Cheap Human Lives in My Land Iran

January 19, 2011

Again a plane crashes in the holy land of Iran, and while soon after publishing this news it’s in the headline of all broadcastings around the world, it this country itself it’s not yet as important as what leader says or arresting an Israeli spy.

Soon after the incident Mr.Behbahani – our superb minister finds out the reasons:

It’s a good news in fact since unlike recent crashes, this time plane did not explode and most of passengers (33 out of 105) are yet alive. Reason was merely the poor weather not our 40 years old plane nor the airport which lacks any auto pilot infrastructure.
And yet US is the as responsible as bad weather since their sanctions prevents us from buying planes, hence we have to invest this budget in nuclear bombs, to force them change this behavior in the future. and by the way, martyrdomed people are as much responsible as as poor weather and Sam, since we already told them this plane has issues, but they were so eager for martyrdom that forced us hope them in the plane.
he finishes his words by noting that while we handle around 30% of world plane crash share in recent years we are still among the worlds safest airlines and I am ready to go to parliament and tell this to those who don’t understand. plane crash is something normal and I am so amazed why the wanna probe it every time happens.

Yes dude. this is the land I am running off. Land where alives are unimportant regular moving object and deaths are praised to its full. A good Iranian citizen is a death one.

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