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What’s behind MCI 2013 SMS Competition?

June 22, 2010

All WordPress weblogs are filtered in Iran and I blog via email.

We are in the WorldCup 2010 days and for those living in Iran, there is an SMS competition for match results forecast via SMS to 2013. We are responsible for the system and handle a reasonable amount of traffic from 3 operators in every match. I may prepare a detailed presentation on our stack for this system later, but here are just a bit that may be interesting to know. In fact this is a subset of our total SMS solution in MAGFA.

– A single HP G5 server. we utilise only 30% even on highest load (i.e. 800 MPS) – A TCP tuned Ubuntu 10.04 Linux
– Java backend/PHP front-end; my beloved stack
– Voldemort as K/V to detect duplicated votes
– MySQL backend
– HAProxy
– JBoss Netty
– OpenMQ

I am a happy software man living in an age that master-piece open-source tools such as OpenMQ, HAProxy, Java, Linux and Netty exist. It would have taken months for us to build such as system; something we did in a few hours :)

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