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Application Complexity (Algorithm vs Data Structure)

April 22, 2010

I usually see algorithms and data-structures as the ends of a rope. In fact every data-structure encapsulates an algorithm for itself but once you start using them, the more simple and general data-structures you chose, you have to develop more LOC and complexity to handle application case correctly.

The thing I always tend and advertise is to avoid complex coding by using better and specific data-structures. Once developers get to know various available data structs (starting from simple array, list, map,.. and moving toward more complex onces such as circular lists, skip lists, balanced trees, graphs, etc) they notice that they can reach what they want in a much less line of code this way.

I present this idea in this simple sketch:

Always try to shift your code to the right corner of the triangle. Data-structures usually come in the form of tested API and this is another positive point you gain moving toward end of the rope :)

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One Comment
  1. Amin, I didn’t know you paint as well as you develop! I always have a respect for your classical and simplified approach to the software development…

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