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SMP Support; JVM vs MySQL

March 10, 2010

With the help of Hyperic HQ I discovered an interesting point regarding how MySQL and JVM utilize SMP environments. We have various servers here in MAGFA. There are two identical machines (HP DL380 I think) each with 4 Xeon 3600Mhz cores. One runs a MySQL server (5.0.51a-3ubuntu5.5) which stores our traffic for a week and every night the outdated data is transfered to another storage. The other machine runs Java ( mainly including OpenMQ and a part of our application. The load increases at this machine about noon every day. Hopefully with the help of memcached which handles about 97% of read queries, there is not much read traffic to MySQL but the main load is when we transfer traffic early in the morning.

Then I came across how these two processes (MySQL and JVM) handler four available SMP cores. Both machines run a mixture of CPU and IO bound processes, but what is understood from the pictures blow is that JVM handles SMP balancing much wiser than MySQL. Operating systems are identical too (Ubuntu 8.04.3 64 Bit) and hence this only reflects MySQL and JVMs attempts only.

Here is the one for MySQL:

and here is JVM:

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