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Places I Ever Wished To Work For

January 19, 2009

There are 3 companies which I always looked to work for:

  • Google, since knowledge is there; I sent my resume, they implicitly said  “Are you kidding?”
  • LShift, since we both love Erlang; again I sent my resume, the said “Come what may!”
  • Gigaspaces; I never dared to send a resume; sure they wont hire Iranians anyway.

And then comes this new position (which is not finalized yet but we are in good shape of progress) which seems to out-weight all these three. Now its my turn to say… come what may… :)

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  1. Hello Amin,

    I was happy to read your comment. We hire talented people regardless of their country/origin/religion.
    You are welcome to join our OpenSpaces community and share your thoughts and ideas with the rest of us.

    Guy Nirpaz,
    EVP R&D, GigaSpaces

  2. abbaspour permalink

    dear guy, that would be a honor for me to work at GS one day. btw i did join the community.

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