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SOA is dead; Long Live Service-Oriented Architecture

January 8, 2009

No article in the whole web could express my feeling toward SOA better than this one by Anne. I simply love its structure.
see this:

…SOA is survived by its offspring: mashups, BPM, SaaS, Cloud Computing, and all other architectural approaches that depend on “services”…

and this one:

…Although the word “SOA” is dead, the requirement for service-oriented architecture is stronger than ever…

and this funny picture:

For me most of these semi-stupid mistakenly used SOA solutions like bus, bpel, bpms etc (in the very rare cases that don’t cause problems themselves) will seldom solve any problem beyond those addressed by architecture itself.

let’s kill this stupid package oriented SOA to build the real one. based on thought and wisdom.

The good news is, SOA offsprings are really something; SaaS, Cloud computing, SCA etc.

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