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Future of RDBM Systems and Persistency

December 5, 2008

The same as on TSS:

I think huge i-can-handle-everything RDBMS systems might slowly disappear or change their merely table nature in future.

the two diverse nature of current enterprise systems which are either
highly transactional (XTP) or data-intensive its obvious that single
relational solution will not continue to fit well for both.

(will) see is the rise of optimal solutions for these two groups on
needs. For the XTP systems will have IMDG solutions such as Coherence
and WXS backed by simple and optimize packages such as Berkley-DB,
db4o, or even MySQL. The rise of IMDG leads to rise of ORM/JPA since
their object/filter based view best fits grids.

data-intensive systems, maybe we face the rise of cubic systems
influenced by Google’s BigTable (such as hypertable) and content
repositories (e.g. JCR).

Maybe that is the reason behind both
Oracle and Sun’s decision to invest on Coherence and MySQL and see IBM
hardly working on its WebSphere eXtreme Scale while most on these
vendors have their own classic and well known RDBMS systems.

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