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My Experinces vs. The World

July 21, 2008

These days I face two fundamental questions in my mind. The problem is, I see the whole world is some how accepting these concepts why I still wonder about the correctness of them both. These two are:

  1. ORM
  2. Domain Logic Object

While I remain loyal to my woe but I still have the right to change my mind; After all, I’m a human.

History shows, that in computer world, higher abstraction is the final winer in any case. I remember back to BSc. days I was fighting for C++ against Java since those days it had better performance but now its years that I’m a pure Java coder and C++ is not considered much faster than Java any more. So, I guess one day the fight between ORM or NORM will finish and as the holy rule of higher abstraction says, ORM will win! and I don’t want to be in loser side anyway. Even if the winer side is wrong!

Some blog on these topic: here and here.

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